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Emoji Pillows, Slippers, Stickers, Backpacks and Q&A


Take a look around. What do you think your living space say about you? How about expressing yourself with emoji plush pillows or emoji slippers?

Show your love with Emoji Pillows,  Emoji Smiling Face, Heart Eyes or demonstrate your joyful side with Smiling Poop.

These cuddly emoji pillows are a great expression of yourself!



  • 100% Brand New and High Quality
  • PolyPropylene (PP)
  • The cushion is made of thick plush which is extremely soft and comfortable
  • Dimensions: 13” x 13” x 4”

Say it without words

Emoji Throw Pillows are currently available in 18 different symbols: Acting Cute, Blowing Kiss, Cattiness, Face With Cheese Smile (Grin), Heart Eyes, Laughing with Sweat, Laughing with Tears, Neutral Face, Picking Nose, Smiling Poop, Purple Devil, Red Angry, Smiley, Smirk, Sticking Out Tongue And Winking Face, Sunglasses, Unamused Look Of Disapproval Frown and Winking Face



Question: How soft are the cushions?

Answer: Very Soft! The Poly Propylene knap outer feels like a microfiber blanket.

Q: Is the price USD?

A: Yes, All of our prices are listed in US dollars. We will automatically charge the correct amount when you enter your payment information.


Q: Does the poop pillow smell like poop?

A: Oh No! It would be a nice feature but definitely not sell well.


Q: Could you do a buy one get one half price or free?

A: No right now, but what we can offer are free coupons. Subscribe to our email newsletter!


Q: What about free shipping?

A: We offer worldwide free shipping. Yes, including international free shipping.


Q: what does the back side of the emoji pillow looks like?

A: The back side looks pretty much like the front, except instead of a face, there is a manufacturer's label sewn on it.


Q: Is it safe to punch the emoji pillow when I get angry?

A: You can count on it! I can’t think of something else that would be safer to punch than a pillow.


Q: will you carry other emojis? my friends and I are looking for a specific one.

A: We might, someday. You can write us and give your opinion.


Q: Is the stitching strong enough to withhold from bursting very easily?

A: Yes, of course. The pillow was meant to be used as a pillow. It is strong enough to handle, being laid on, punched and thrown around.


Q: Can I put the laughing pillow in the washing machine and nothing will happen to them?

A: We recommend hand washing/spot cleaning only.


Q: Are the emoji pillow soft?

A: Yes, They are really soft!


Q: Do you ship to Australia?

A: Yes, we have free shipping worldwide


Q: Do you ship to the U.S?

A: Yes, we have free shipping to the U.S also


Q: Will you consider making other cool emoji pillows?

A: If they prove to be popular, yes we may consider it. Right now there are no immediate plans for more pillows.


Q: Can you make the smiley face with sunglasses emoji?

A: We have no immediate plans for more emojis, but we hear you!


Q: Can you make the thumbs up (Like) pillow?

A: That’s a great idea! If this proves to be popular, we might make it.


Q: If I bought more than one pillow, do I have to pay shipping other pillows as well? And how much does the shipping cost?

A: No! We have free shipping worldwide so every pillow or other item you buy is free shipped.


Q: Are the emoji pillows safe for kids?

A: They are as safe as any other plush pillows.


Q: Is the poop pillow popular? How come?

A: Yes it is. Maybe it’s because everybody poops.


Q: Can you make a smiley pillow?

A: Yes, you can find emoji smiley pillow here


Q: What about emoji pillow with tongue?

A: Yes, you can find tongue emoji pillow here


Q: Are you sure about this? Why would someone sleep on poop?

A: If people want to sleep on poop they are more than welcome. We are not here to judge them

Want to know more about poop emoji and where it came from? here



Q: Should the pillows be washed by hand or can they be washed in the laundry machine?

A: We do recommend hand/spot cleaning only.


Q: Other than emoji pillows, do you have other emoji products?

A: Yes, We have great emoji slippersemoji backpack, large pack of emoji stickers and we plan to have more emoji items soon. Check our website and subscribe for updates.